River’s Edge Hideaway is the rustic yet sophisticated experience that begs for while yet defying description.  Letting the outside in and the inside out is no small feat, but William and Emily Tate have built such a place.  Nestled in the woods on the Little Missouri River, this cabin rests in an idyllic setting luxuriously constructed with good conversation and warm intimate relationships in mind.  Being here for even a moment will create a memory that will take a guest a long way!

For folks who love the old yet enjoy the “new,” this hideaway creates an ambiance that while perhaps being a long way from glitz and glitter does lovingly present the comfort of modern accessories.  Stepping out, the woods are ready to be explored as the river patiently awaits kayak, canoe or perhaps just an idle “float” . . . and of course, for the more active, there is always fly-fishing, water skiing or just making “waves.”  For the rest of the crew neither in water nor woods, antique shopping and browsing quaint Murfreesboro is available.  Rivers Edge Hideaway is simply perfect, a refined yet homespun cabin that will embrace all who walk through her front doors.